The Six Days of Creation With Philosopher/Author, Anthony Blake (and others): December 5-6 and Dec. 20

The DuVersity was founded in 1998 by Anthony Blake and Karen Stefano to further the principle of integration without rejection. DuVersity is member-based non-profit whose mission is concerned with the importance of diversity for the development of human intelligence. It seeks to improve communication in groups, encourage multiple viewpoints on the same reality, understand how thoughts arise, and have insight into the way cultures arise and are shaped by their encounters with each other. DuVersity is a universal phenomenon, beyond questions of race and gender. For more on DuVeristy, membership, seminars and lectures, and publications visit:

The DuVersity is offering an online seminar called Six Days of Creation which includes six sessions, three per day, with each session lasting 90 minutes, plus a final two hour session a fortnight later. All sessions will be on Zoom. Anthony Blake will use 30 minutes of each session to explain the theme and one hour will be devoted to an experiential presentation by different contributors specializing in the various arts.

The suggested donation is $100.00. Members of the DuVersity will receive a 10% discount.


Sat Dec 5
Session 1: Universality and Wholeness; Inner Exercises; Anthony Blake/Andrew Moyer
Session 2: Separation and Complementarity; Dance; Anthony Blake/Travis Jarrell
Session 3: Relatedness and Dynamism; Music; Ruben Yessayan/Anthony Blake

Sun. Dec. 6
Session 4: Blending and Formation; Poetry; Anthony Blake/Michael White
Session 5: Individuality and Essence; Art; Leslie Schwing/Anthony Blake
Session 6: Manifestation and Drama; Theater; Anthony Blake/Jesai Jayhmes

Sun. Dec 20
Session 7: The Sevenfold Unity Higher Intelligence Anthony Blake et al. The framework of the seminar relates to Gurdjieff’s fundamental principles of the law of three and the law of seven seen in the frame of the Six Days of Creation. It also invokes Bennett’s book on Making a New World and the origin of musical scales in the first six numbers. The six days lead us to the seventh – the ‘day of rest’ – or the contemplation in which our ‘inner bodies’ can form.

We will start with an introduction to inner exercises and in the next sessions move into the making and assimilation of works of art in the various modes of dance, music, poetry, art and theatre. This is to illustrate the sensuality and pleasure of what is sometimes grimly described as ‘work on oneself.’


Andrew Moyer: Studied Anthropology, specifically Sufism and pilgrimage to Sufi sacred sites. Was Chairman of the Claymont Society. Taught Cultural Anthropology and worked as management consultant, sometimes with Richard Knowles. Student of Pierre Elliot, Hasan Ṣuṣud and Suleyman Hayat Dede.

Travis Jarrell: Teacher of dance – Uzbek, Middle Eastern, and creative. He has performed in DuVersity events for many years. Watch TravisInvocation on YouTube.

Ruben Yessavan: Spanish pianist and composer with roots in Armenia. Has produced CDs of Debussy and other modern composers. Performs music of Thomas de Hartmann and Gurdjieff. More about Ruben Yessavan.

Michael White: Author and traveler. Has books on Tibetan Buddhism, the Beat Generation, the pueblos in the American South West and Paleolithic art in the caves of France plus several volumes of poetry. He is the editor of the posthumous works by William Gay.

Leslie Schwing: Professional artist who has been exploring Systematics with Anthony since 1990. Links to her current work are on Instagram at fletcher_schwing and past work at Fletcher/Schwing Studio.

Jesai Jayhmes: AKA Jeff Burnett, actor, playwright, director and voice coach. See Jeff Burnett on Broadway.

Anthony Blake: Author of books on Time, Intelligence, Dialogue and Systematics. Student of John Bennett. Director of Research of The DuVersity.


Session 1 & 4: 10 AM – 11:30 (EST); 7 AM – 8:30 (PST); 3 PM – 4:30 (GMT); & 4 PM –5:30 (CET)
Session 2 & 5: 12:30 PM – 2 (EST); 9:30 AM – 11 AM (PST); 5:30 PM – 7 PM (GMT) & 6:30 PM –8 PM (CET)
Session 3 & 6: 3 PM – 4:30 (EST); 12 PM – 1:30 (PST); 8 PM – 9:30 (GMT) & 9 PM –10:30 (CET)
Session 7: 2 PM – 4 PM (EST); 11 AM – 1 PM( PST); 7 PM – 9 PM (GMT) & 8 PM – 10 PM (CET)


To register, please send an email to: For payment, please then go to and click on the Donate button on the homepage to pay with either credit card or PayPal. You may also send a check made out to DuVersity to: Jeremy Belk 1079 Rocky Lane Monterey, TN 38574. If you are not able to attend the entire event and/or do not have funds to attend the entire event, please make a donation you can afford, or otherwise prorate the costs of the courses.

Hope to see you there. If you know anyone who may be interested, please feel free to share this post on your social media!

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  1. jenniem45

    This sounds really fascinating. Are you going to participate?

    Jennie Mayes

    “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” John Lennon


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    1. Dawn

      I am. I can’t make all of the events. They will prorate the fee if you cannot make all of them, btw.

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