Well Read Magazine December 2022 Edition: A Round Table on William Gay’s Literary Landscapes

Well Read Magazine November 2022 Edition-Mystery Outside the Frame: An Analysis of William Gay’s Literary Landscapes

Well Read Magazine October 2022 Edition-A Southern Mythology: An Exploration of the Supernatural in William Gay’s Works by Dawn Major

Well Read September 2022 Edition- William Gay, A Life of Writing

Read my review of Stories From The Attic, by William Gay on Heavy Feather Review.


Insects dip in and out on fat green leaves while the sun and wind gently waltz the dance of drying laundry. Rain showers, a nap, the aroma of a well-loved home. Mother Earth makes no demands but that you breathe, drink, chew, swallow what she gives you freely.

To read an excerpt from The Bystanders: “Nativity” – Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies


Springer Mountain Press Summer Slasher Anthology: Short story, “Walking With Strangers.” TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY of Springer Mountain Press Summer Slasher Horror Anthology Vol. 1 visit Bear Book Market, or KINDLE UNLIMTED MEMBERS, download for FREEDownload Summer Slasher Horror Anthology Vol I.
Read my review of Fugitives of the Heart, the last novel by William Gay, at Southern Literary Review.
William Gay Painting
TO WATCH MY PANEL: “Condensed Careers: Poetry, Scandal, and Southern Gothic

Watch my presentation about William Gay at the Lost Southern Voices Festival. The recordings of all of the sessions are now available on the Georgia Center for the Book’s YouTube channel. I’m the last presenter in this panel but be sure to watch the first two presenters: Eli Arnold on poet, Ernest Hartsock, and Matthew Dischinger on fiction writer, Brad Vice.

Five Points, Vol. 19, no. 3: “A Window into William Gay: A Southern Author, A Southern Painter” is my essay about Gay’s paintings and prose. This edition includes an interview between lead archivist, J.M. White and William Gay, as well as seven images of his paintings and his map of his fictional world.

“I would say that writing gives me the greatest pleasure of anything in life, that writing is what is fulfilling for me; there is nothing else in life like it when it is happening, and that when it is happening it is just a matter of stepping aside.”
—William Gay
The Five Points Podcast: Listen to my interview about Southern Author, William Gay, on his worldbuilding, artwork, mapping, the supernatural and more.
Five Points is a literary journal of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews and art. The Five Points podcast strives to create discussion beyond the pages of the journal and engage readers with new content. Our second episode centers on volume 19, issue # 3 of Five Points. We  feature friends and poets Chad Davidson and Gregory Fraser reading and reflecting on one another’s work, and a conversation with Dawn Major about the work—prose and painting alike—of the late William Gay. Special thanks Chad Davidson, Gregory Fraser, Dawn Major, and GSU’s English department. Episode two was created by Dr. Megan Sexton, Laurah Norton, and Alexis Weathers. Our music is provided by The Skylarks. Engineered by Maura Currie. For more Five Points content, please visit our website,
James Dickey Review Vol. 35: “The Attic Dreams of William Gay,” an introduction to “The Dream,” a short story by Author William Gay
James Dickey Review publishes: 1) scholarship that furthers the serious study of James Dickey’s poetry, fiction, screenplays, and non-fiction; 2) all forms of creative writing that align with Dickey’s enduring themes, style, and literary experimentation; 3) critical reflection essays by contemporary writers that analyze the influence of James Dickey on their own work or the work of other writers; 4) short reflections and meditations on James Dickey, the man and the myth; 5) book reviews.

A Southern Mythology: An Exploration of the Supernatural in the Works of William Gay

New Voices Graduate Conference was created in 2012 by graduate students for graduate students. The conference is affiliated with, organized, and funded by Georgia State University’s Graduate English Association (GEA) with the goal of helping graduate students gain confidence and public speaking experience. Each conference revolves around an interdisciplinary theme which changes year-to-year. The goal of the conference is to lead intersecting discussions of art and science that unearth new research ideas and innovative methodologies. These discussions will provide feedback for future research and future presentation that encourage participants to continue on their unearthing journey.

Sanctuary 2018: Read my short story, “The Bystanders.”
Sanctuary’s first issue was published Dr. Michelle Harlow in 1994 for the Delta Phi Alpha Literary Society chapter of Reinhardt College, but then it was called Kaleidoscope and it was only open to students and faculty. Since 2004, Sanctuary has been based at Reinhardt University’s English department and funded by the School of Arts and Humanities. Published every Spring and Fall, Sanctuary features great stories, poems, and artwork by students and other contributors.
James Dickey Review: Vol. 34: I was awarded the James Dickey Fellowship in 2017 and served as the Assistant Literary Editor.
Sediments Literary-Arts Journal: Read my short story, “The Annual Picnic” in this Summer Lovin’ themed journal.
This summer, lie back on your beach towel, dig your feet into the sand, let the sun bronze your skin, and fall in love with Sediments Literary-Arts Journal. A fling with our steamy contributors will leave you breathless, whether it’s making love to the ocean, being serenaded by the push and pull of the waves, reliving teenage lusts in the backseat of a car, or dancing the night away with a rugged yet sensual lover. Are you ready for your summer love affair?
Family Life Publications: “Get Inspired,” an artist profile about Steven Lester
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