WELL READ Magazine to Publish a Four-Part Series on Southern Author, William Gay

William Gay

A few months ago, I received a FB message from the editor-in-chief of WELL READ Magazine, Mandy Haynes, asking if I would be interested in writing a feature on the late, Southern Author, William Gay. If you know anything about me, that’s like asking a kid if he/she wants cupcakes for breakfast. Would I ever?!?!

There’s so much to say about William, from his lyrical prose, his artwork, his Southern legendarium, to where he places among the great Southern authors. I’ve wanted one place to house all of these topics for years. And it’s with the utmost pleasure that I can say this wish is being fulfilled by WELL READ. Not only one article, but four!

The first article, provided by lead archivist, biographer, and friend, J.M. White, begins with when he received the news that William Gay had passed away and discusses the undertaking the archive took to gather, edit, and ultimately publish Gay’s posthumous works. This piece is an excellent foray into the archival process. Plus, there’s a real story here. What an act of love it was for Gay’s friends to endeavor upon this journey!

In 2018, I came into the picture while I was writing my master critical thesis on the speculative elements in Gay’s work. I interviewed Michael White. I haven’t been able to let go, and it was great honor to later become part of the archive.

To read the full story in WELL READ Magazine, click this LINK AND please spread the word about William Gay by posting on social media and sharing with friends.

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