In Spring of 2023, you can put “The Bystanders” by Dawn Major on your Bookshelf

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I am happy to announce that I signed a contract to publish my book, The Bystanders, with Moonshine Cove Publishing. The Bystanders is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2023. To say this has been a journey is an understatement. Thanks to all my family and friends–writerly or otherwise–for all the support. You never write a book all by yourself. You need an army of writers to push you through editing, submitting, and rejection after rejection after rejection. Did I mention you’ll get rejected? Once you do get an offer, the work is far from over. In this world, most small publishers have limited funds to market your book, so be prepared to make your book your absolute favorite topic of conversation without coming off as a total narcissist. Anyway…those are steps for the near future. Right now, I feel like I did something right for once with the writing gods. Gotta go light a candle and make some more offerings.

To learn more about my book visit: The Bystanders

Happy Writer, Happy Life

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  1. lshennan

    Congratulations ❣️


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