FIVE POINTS PODCAST VOL. 19, NO. 3. features a conversation with Dawn Major about Southern Author, William Gay

Five Points Review Cover Image-William Gay Painting

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I’m so pleased the team at Five Points Podcast was able to come up with a solution to conduct this interview about Southern author William Gay’s paintings and writing. Like so many events in 2020, this interview was was put on hold due to COVID-19. Thanks to Dr. Megan Sexton, Laurah Norton, and Alexis Weathers for wonderful questions, technical work, their precious time and especially for helping promote William Gay’s work.


January 19, 2021

Five Points is a literary journal of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews and art. The Five Points podcast strives to create discussion beyond the pages of the journal and engage readers with new content.

Our second episode centers on volume 19, issue # 3 of Five Points. We  feature friends and poets Chad Davidson and Gregory Fraser reading and reflecting on one another’s work, and a conversation with Dawn Major about the work—prose and painting alike—of the late William Gay.

Special thanks Chad Davidson, Gregory Fraser, Dawn Major, and GSU’s English department. Episode two was created by Dr. Megan Sexton, Laurah Norton, and Alexis Weathers. Our music is provided by The Skylarks. Engineered by Maura Currie. For more Five Points content, please visit our website:

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    I loved this ❤

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    1. Dawn

      Ahhhh…thanks for listening.


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