Exploring the Beat Generation: A Conversation with Poet/Philosopher, Michael White and Poet/Writer/Teacher, Andrew Smith

If you’re like me and fascinated with the Beat Generation, a counterculture movement of Poets, Authors, Musicians, Philosophers, Visual Artists, Actors a/k/a post war Bohemians originating in the 1950s, who rejected materialism, examined Asian philosophy and religions, experimented with psychedelic drugs and sexuality, and spontaneous creativity, you will want to watch this video interview–Tennessee Beats in Colorado–between Poet/Philosopher, Michael White, and Poet/Writer/ Teacher, Andrew Smith. This interview was done as a lecture for Smith’s English class. What a cool professor and also a treat for the students, huh?! Andrew Smith is an instructor of English and Religious Studies at Tennessee Tech. You may access Smith’s podcast, playlists, reviews and much more at: http://www.teacherontheradio.com/.

MORE about Michael White…

J.M. (Michael) WHITE did graduate study in Phenomenology at Duquesne University and holds an M.A. in philosophy from Vanderbilt.  His short stories, poems, interviews, essays and book reviews have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Sewanee Review, Janus Head, Parabola and The Mirror as well as in magazines and journals in Canada, England, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and India. Michael White founded Anomolaic Press and publishes his own work along with the novels and short stories of William Gay.

Publications include

Future Nothingness Already, 2005 – A novel set in the hills of rural Tennessee.

The Beyond Within, 2008 – A wide ranging collection of poetry.

The Latch, 2012 – A poetry collection written in the non-linear style of “ring composition” where the conclusion comes in the middle  and the ending latches back to the beginning, it includes three chapters of prose providing background on the technique of writing in circles.

Naropa Journals: William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Revolution, 2015 – A memoir of my years studying with Burroughs, Ginsberg, Corso and the whole Beat contingent.

The Birth of Death: A Guidebook to Paleolithic Art in the Caves of France, 2016 – A guidebook to the caves and an exploration of why the artwork in the caves was created.

Ports of Entry: Tibet, Peru, Mexico: Journals 1999-2011, 2017 – Journal accounts of a literary pilgrimage to visit the monasteries of Tibet and the ancient sites in Peru and Mexico.

Pulling Down the Sun: The Pueblos, the Great Houses and the Cliff Dwelling, 2018 – Includes accounts from the festivals at Zuni, Hopi and Taos and visits to the ruins at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon offering a glimpse into the indigenous past still alive in the deserts of Southwestern United States. 

Confidential Advice for the Unconventional, 2017 – A bi-lingual collection of poetry with English/Romanian translations published in Romania.

Shoot Out at the Poetry Factory, J. M. White and John Tischer, 2018 – A bi-lingual poetry collaboration published in English/Romania with poems by Tischer and White, matched thematically, on facing pages.

Works by William Gay:

Wittgenstein’s Lolita and The Iceman: Short Stories by William Gay, 2006

Time Done Been Won’t Be No More: Collected Prose, 2010

Stoneburner: A Novel, 2018

Works compiled and edited by J. M. White

The Buddhist Path by Khenpo Palden Sherab Rinpoche, Snow Lion Press, 2006

Safe in Heaven Dead: Interviews with Jack Kerouac, Hanuman Press, 1994

Live the Story you want to Write!

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